About Us

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans and the widows in their distress . . .
James 1:27

The heartbeat and mission of this ministry is to provide each widow, regardless of faith, age, or ethnicity, a safe refuge where she can be encouraged, strengthened, and enriched in her widow’s walk with those around her empowering her to walk in truth, grace, and in the knowledge of a caring Savior.

Vision Statement

The Vision of Widow’s Walk is to partner with women in the creation of a “new normalcy” after the death of their spouse, faithfully dependent on God, surrounded by a loving Christian community and embracing life with hope, promise and vitality.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Widow’s Walk is to facilitate and fund this widow-sensitive ministry through the development of strategies, programs and relationships that:

Establish and exalt God as the foundation and strength of the widow’s walk

Encourage and escort the widow in her journey toward achieving a “new normalcy”

Enable and enrich the widow in her role and relationship as the mother of her children and as new head of household

Empower and energize family members to strategically and effectively respond to the needs of widowed members

Enlist and enhance the efforts of friends, neighbors and co-workers as they collaborate to become the widow’s life support system

Engage and equip the church in its responsibility to care for widows as revealed in James 1:27 and I Timothy 5

Educate and enlighten the public dialogue and cultural response to the issues of widowhood