Everyone Can Help

How can you help a widow?

Pray – Intercede on behalf of widows

Professional Assistance – Donate or discount professional services 
(Legal consultation, CPA/Financial Planning services, Contractor services, Organizational skills, Painter, most professional services can be utilized by the widow in need)

Physical Assistance – Volunteer to assist with acts of service 
(Lawn Care, Routine Home Maintenance, Car Maintenance, Companionship, Pet Care, Child Care)

Financial Assistance – Funds donated to Widow’s Walk allow us to provide the following services for widows in need.

– $250 Purchases a Widow’s Walk Grief Curriculum, From Me to We, to be used in a church or community center.

– $100 Scholarship fund – sponsors one widow to attend, From Me to We, Grief/Support Group

– $50 Monthly giving – assistance with the operational expenses of Widow’s Walk

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How does Widow’s Walk help a widow?

Physical Needs – Through your help, Widow’s Walk helps provide the practical needs of a widow:

Crisis management

Legal referral services

Financial referral services

Household management support

Household maintenance and care

Emotional Needs – Individual case referral to a skilled mental health professional or support service:

From We to Me – Your journey through grief – 10 week support/growth group.

Call-303 840-4776 to purchase curriculum or for a group location nearest you.

Widow Support

Widow mentoring

Widow Life-Coaching

Family support services

Spiritual Needs

Widow’s Walk along with community churches and other like-minded, faith-based organizations, partner together to offer the physical manifestation of God’s love and grace to widowed women and their families; encouraging widows to discover and live out their God-give purpose.

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