The need for widow care and support became apparent to Christina Cassidy Bortz after she experienced the loss of her husband, Michael, in February of 2000.  As a young widow with 5 children in the home, Christina experienced remarkable support from her family, friends, and community.  Realizing many widows do not have a similar support system after their loss, Christina founded Widow’s Walk in 2009.  The ministry is built on the foundation of Godly principals and the instruction of caring for widows in their distress (James 1:27).  Widow’s Walk seeks to meet the physical, emotion and spiritual needs of a widow, offering resources and support to others as to her care, and bringing an awareness of the widow’s hurt to the local church. What started as a small ministry located in a Denver suburb now transcends the United States.  Widow’s Walk is a (501 c 3) non-profit organization funded by donations.

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