Feeling Stuck

Warning Signs that a Widow is Stuck in Her Grief


  1. If she is withdrawing – pay attention.  She may insist on alone time, but too much isn’t always the most healthy option for her.
  2. After a length of time she may become stuck in a grief cycle – encourage her to seek help from a professional.
  3. If her distraction with grief seems to keep her from engaging in life – (lack of attention to her home, children, or social activities that she used to participate in) offer a lending hand and encourage her to seek help.
  4. Children and/or pets show signs of neglect.
  5. Suicidal talk or talking about hurting others.
  6. Household chores, dishes, and laundry begin to stack up.
  7. Personal hygiene is no longer a priority.
  8. Declining or canceling social engagements.
  9. Excessive TV watching or computer time.
  10. Nervousness displayed through biting fingernails, hair pulling, teeth grinding, perfectionism, can’t slow down.
  11. Wandering while driving or walking.
  12. Increased use of “dark widow humor.”
  13. High risk behaviors: excessive drinking, erratic driving, not wearing her seatbelt, spending lots of money frivolously.
  14. Lying, covering up or hiding risky behaviors.
  15. Refusing grief help or counseling.
  16. Too much weight gain or loss.
  17. Increased concern for safety.
  18. Relating through her public mask and keeping her walls up.
  19. Trying to do everything perfectly, including the healing process.
  20. Helping others before she has gone through the process herself.


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