Why-er OR Why-not-er?

Scott Hamilton, the 1977 Olympic figure skating gold medalist, was interviewed about his book, The Great Eight, How to Be Happy (Even When You Have Every Reason to be Miserable). Scott spoke of his illnesses as a child, the death of his mother, and two recent bouts of life threatening cancer. A comment he made resonated with me when referring to his trials, “for every trial I’ve had to endure, a blessing as occurred”.

I am a “Why-er”. Unfortunately, when I experience a trial, my default switch is set to “Why”. I seem to continually ask “Why”, even when I know there are no answers; I still question and resist. I am curious by nature, and it suits my personality to have as many “whys” answered as possible. Forget “21 questions”; I much prefer “100 questions”. An answer often helps me gain an understanding, or might bring about resolution and even closure if that is what I am seeking. I am a bit like a blood hound tracking a scent, relentless and focused when I’m scouting for answers. However, I’ve learned that being a “Why-er” doesn’t work well when it comes to God. In fact, rarely do I get the answers I am seeking.  A “Why-er” suffers the trial and continually ask “Why me?” and often will miss the blessing.

I desire to become a “why-not-er”, and have my default switch reset to “Why-not”. I want to willingly and without resistance allow God to work in and through my life in the midst of the trials. A “Why-not-er” doesn’t need to know why and has resolution long before the answer is given, and stays resolved even if an answer is never received. A “Why-not-er” says, “Why not me?” and gains a blessing.

It’s hard to recognize or experience the occurrence of blessings when I am resisting the trial and rapid firing questions toward heaven. In Psalm 46:10, God speaks, “be still, and know that I am God”. While chaos swirls in the “Why-er”, stillness abounds in the “Why-not-er”; a stillness that makes known our trust in a living, active God. He alone is God of our trials.

Recently struggling with yet another trial, and the “whys”, I quieted myself, actually, I exhausted myself and finally in the stillness He spoke; “Christy, I am neither random, nor wasteful. Every trial you have endured has a purpose and the experience should not be over looked. Take the blessing of the trial; don’t squander it.”

Are you struggling to endure the trial or embracing it as a blessing occurring? I’m thankful for the reminder,” for every trial I have had to endure, a blessing has occurred.”

Beside you,


Romans 8:28 ~ For we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

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